Juegos para Andorid: Angry Birds

Angry Birds: La versión de este adictivo juego ya está disponible en Android.

Use the unique powers of the Angry Birds to destroy the greedy pigs’ fortresses!

The survival of the Angry Birds is at stake. Dish out revenge on the greedy pigs who stole their eggs. Use the unique powers of each bird to destroy the pigs’ fortresses. Angry Birds features challenging physics-based gameplay and hours of replay value. Each of the 225 levels requires logic, skill, and force to solve.

Angry Birds for Android is still the same addicting game it’s always been, only now, it runs a little more smoothly. No longer available exclusively as a beta application, the updated versions have really improved the overall experience of the game.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard a thing or two about Angry Birds. For the sake of formality, however, here’s a quick run down: Angry Birds is a physics-based puzzler with a lot of personality. In this game, a gang of green pigs have stolen your eggs. Because the pigs have created fortresses made from glass, wood and stone, you can’t just march over and take them back… that would be too easy. Instead, you use a sling shot to launch birds at these structures, taking advantage of the unique abilities possessed by every bird in your flock to take out each pig in as few moves as possible.

The very first difference I noticed in an updated version of Angry Birds is that the user interface had been tidied up a bit on the home page. The icons that usually line the bottom of the screen, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube, have been conveniently compartmentalized beneath an arrow icon at the bottom right hand corner of the menu. It’s not an especially drastic change, by any means, but I do really like how much cleaner this makes the app look.

An addition I’m a little more excited about is the game’s new multi-task support. In the Beta version, if I took a call while playing Angry Birds, I could never guarantee that my game would still be there when I got back. Usually, all of my progress would be lost and I’d have to start again from scratch. Now, the game is programmed to pause when you receive a call. This is a feature that I’m sure a lot of frustrated people have been waiting for. It’s certainly going to prevent a lot of headache.

The game’s performance also seems to have improved a bit. Maybe it’s my imagination, but the graphics seem to be slightly more clear vibrant. The game’s controls are still as easy to operate as ever.

I have to applaud the developers have done a great job keeping this game fresh over the last year or so. The game already has such great replay value, but because they’re adding new levels all the time, it’s hard to get sick of Angry Birds.

I was, however, a little disappointed to see that the people over at Rovio still have yet to include a way to post high scores online. This is a very popular game and people (me) want to be able to brag about how much better we are than our friends at Angry Birds.

One thing that’s always bothered me about Angry Birds is that long delay after I lose. The game seems to be waiting for the birds to come to a complete standstill, which gives those disgusting pig heads a few more moments to snicker at me. I have gotten lucky a few times with bird I launched earlier unexpectedly fell and squished a pig, but, when I completely overestimated a shot and there’s no chance I will pass the level, I’m eager to get started again. The game seems to really like to rub salt in the wound when you fail.

Angry Birds is still as addicting as it has ever been. It’s come a long way since its Beta version, but I would venture to say that there is still some room for improvement.

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