Aplicaciones de Pago para Andorid: CacheMate for Root Users

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CacheMate for Root Users: La mejor aplicación de caché de compensación, utilizada para liberar de espacio.

Root Access, busybox required.

If you don’t know what root access is, please do not download this app.

The original and best cache cleaning app for Android. CacheMate cleans more cache than any other cache clearing app, guaranteed!

Looking to open-source CacheMate. See details below.

Clear cache from ALL apps with one click!

Auto-Clear – Shedule when caches are cleared. Choose from every hour, three hours, six hours, twelve hours, daily or every two days.

Widget – One touch. Clears all your caches based on your setting.

PowerClear – Sweeps through your system and gets common cache from all apps.

Clear some Data – An experimental feature that clears both unnecessary data and data that you may not want on your system at all times.

Clear cache from SD card – Clears caches from your SD card freeing up precious space without having to browse through each folder.

Cache select – Select which caches to clear.

View internal storage – Shows how much space you have left on your device.

Please try the free version first. The full version adds more caches, data and a one-touch widget.

My web site is currently being rebuilt. Until then, all help information is available within the app itself. Please read the extensive help file before emailing. I’ll be glad to answer your email but would rather not respond to questions already addressed in the help file.

I don’t plan on working on CacheMate until at least January although I’m still answering email. I’d like to open source CacheMate as I think the community will benefit greatly from such a project. If you are a Java developer and are interested in helping to get this project open sourced, please email me. Serious developers only.

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